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    Why Use Web Design By Tanya for your next Project?


    There are many reasons why we should be your website development company of choice.  Here are just a few.

    • Clear and concise development advice.
    • We try and built the best solutions possible for your specific needs and will not take on a project if we feel it is destined to fail. This initially surprises some of our clients, but is has helped us build transparent relationships with all our clients.
    • We are open source and only used globally supported systems like WordPress.
    • Ongoing support and development. We provide post development support and focus on building long term relationships with our web development customers.

    Irrespective of what we say, the real measure is our customer feedback. Read our customer reviews on Google by clicking here.

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    New Hole in One Society Website


    We have recently launched the New Hole in One Society website. The society is dedicated to individuals who have achieved a hole in one in golf. The Society has been active for 20 years and has a well established membership base.

    The site uses WordPress and OS Commerce to provide both content management and a scalable shopping cart solution.

    You can visit the site at www.hiosociety.com

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    Website Technology choices.


    I recently attended a short presentation in Cape Town where a software development firm presented their company and their core services. Among the many points that were made, there was a strong focus on presenting themselves as a Java development house. This reminded me of the importance of independently choosing the correct technology for your project and not being persuaded to use any particular language because you have initially have been introduced to a specialist firm.

    I firmly believe in selecting a technology that best serves your particular project. Selecting Java for a high-end application may well be the best solution, but for a small start-up using good old PHP is often a solid decision. What is not really common knowledge is that Facebook and MySpace where initially built using PHP and there are a host of other major companies that found their footing using PHP. The list includes FlickR, Yahoo, Sourceforge and of course Wikipedia to just scratch the surface. PHP is often seen as a low level language and it is the first language that most developers learn which is probably why you find a lot of really bad PHP out there.

    That said, I did notice that the specialty Java company had built their website in PHP.

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    WordPress: By far the best choice.


    Building a new website requires that a number of critical long term technology decisions are made fairly early on in the project cycle. Typically most business owners are not fully equipped to make key technology decisions of this nature and do not completely understand the long-term impact of these initial decisions. They are reliant on impartial guidance from their web development company. Unfortunately personal ability and business strategies can influence advice received. Selecting a Content Management System is one of these critical decisions that can have a very long term impact.

    So what is a CMS?

    A Content Management System is a piece of software that enables you to edit your own website content. They typically work by providing you with an online login from where you can access a number of tools to edit your own website content. There are a number of CMS systems available, some of which are open source and some which are licensed by various companies.

    Why do you need a CMS?

    Building your website using a CMS is a very convenient way to manage your website content, but it can also reduce your ongoing maintenance costs and the development costs of your site in the future.

    Most content management systems are open source and have access to a multitude of additional features that can easily be activated as you require them. Why rewrite code when someone has already created a plugin that will meet your requirements. This is a major cost saving and can improve project turn around times.

    An additional unexpected benefit is that much of your site will implemented in a search engine friendly format and should comply to most coding standards when a good CMS is used. Often coding standards are overlooked in favour of reducing the development time of a website. Today coding standards and the speed of your website are becoming significant factors in your website featuring high up in the search results. In fact it has been said that poor quality website code is the underlying reason for the creation of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) industry. So using a CMS will ensure that you get most of it right the first time.

    Why should you consider WordPress?

    Yes, there are other options but from our experience 90% of the time WordPress is the perfect solution for our clients. WordPress was initially designed as blogging platform, which as all blogging platforms do, allow users to publish content to the web. The WordPress interface was particularly intuitive to use which lead to website developers using the system (with slight modifications) to enable business website owners to use the platform to edit website content. Over time the WordPress community has accepted this use of the software and the more recent releases of WordPress have embraced this application. So you are not longer are using blogging software to run your site by choosing WordPress. You are selecting a highly developed CMS that can take you website well into the future.

    WordPress is also easy to use. When compared against the likes of Joomla or other common CMS systems, WordPress wins hands down. There is a very strong developer following for WordPress globally. So if you ever decide to change development companies, most developers can start off almost seamlessly from where the previous firm finished.

    Avoid a custom CMS at all cost.

    Should you for any reason decide not to use WordPress just make sure that the CMS that you are using is open source. Some companies provide you with use of custom proprietary CMS solutions that while you may not realize initially, will bind you by the hip to that company. Open Source solutions ensure that you have access to a limitless developer network and that you truly are the master of your own domain.

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    Get a Real-Time Website Quote.


    We have just launched our real-time website quotation system.

    Our Instant Quotation page will allow you to:

    • Specify the pages that your website will require
    • Select whether a Content management system is required (to update your own content)
    • Add a shopping cart facility to manage a product catalogue
    • Select from a number of additional features that may enhance your new website.

    Once you have completed the form, you will receive an instant quotation. Why not try the form for yourself.

    Click here to get a Real-Time Quote.

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    Redevelopment of the Rijks Private Cellar Website


    We have recently completed the development of the Rijks Private Cellar website. While the website design has stayed the same, we have  completely redesigned the content management system moving to a open source environment. This has ensured outright ownership of the site and the content management system. We used a combination of WordPress and OSCommerce to ensure seamless product management. While the site currently does not utilize online ordering, complete provision has been made for this, and it is simply a  matter of turning this feature on.

About Web Design By Tanya

Web Design By Tanya was formally founded in 2004, although our web development experience extends well back into the 1990′s. We have extensive exposure in various website content management systems and web applications. We prefer to only use and support open source solutions in most of our projects. While we are based in Cape Town, we have clients that work with us from around South Africa.

What is WordPress?

WordPress enables website owners to keep their websites up to date without requiring the technical knowledge of HTML.
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