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    SEO: Balancing Quality Content with Keyword Density.


    Writing website copy is one of the more strenuous processes for many entrepreneurs preparing to launch a website. As anyone with a little SEO knowledge should know, mentioning your selected keywords throughout the content (referred to as keyword density) is very important to ensure that you achieve a decent SERP (Search Engine Results Page) positioning.

    So how does one maintain the quality of ones content while ensuring maximum exposure of ones keywords?

    While many websites have strong keyword densities throughout their content, many webmasters seem very comfortable to trade off all those traditional copywriting principles qualities such as “Readability” and “Content Flow” for repetitive nonsensical keyword placement. I think this a awful approach to SEO!

    It is often forgotten that we actually need to convert each website visitor into a buyer through persuasive content, which will reassure visitors that you are a reputable company, who has the correct product or service for their particular need. Also, writing natural content is much easier than overly keyword rich content, as it deals with issues that are well understood by someone in a particular line of business.

    I would not be too concerned if your website keyword densities are slightly lower than your competitor’s website, so long as you offer high quality content which will attract readers who are really interested in what you have to say. I see quality content as being much more successful in driving visitors to your website and in retaining them once there.

    This approach is an underlying principle in the Long Tail SEO strategy, (and if you agree with the principle it) is another reason to ensure all your website content is Natural.

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